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20 tips for productive self-isolation

Blvd Btq

Posted on March 24 2020

20 tips for productive self-isolation


It’s time to see how you can use this “free” time to the best of your ability! It is your opportunity to see the glass as half-full! So if you find that you’re bored or in need of a distraction, then take a look at the list below and choose something that sparks joy:

1. Take a shower. Get dressed. Maintaining a normal routine results in less anxiety and has a calming effect.

2. Schedule your day, write a to-do list. Create intentional spaces that are only for your intention. Workspaces, eat spaces, fun spaces etc. This will help your mind differentiate when it's time to work, eat and play.

3. Clear out your wardrobe. You know it’s the thing you’ve been promising yourself you’d get to “later”, well, it’s later.

4. Give yourself a spa day. A little mani-pedi combo with a fab facemask? Yes please!

5. Take a virtual or live yoga/ exercise class and get the sweaty endorphins flowing. Wild Thing Moves is hosting live Yoga Classes. Sign up here

6. Read a book. Make yourself a hot cup of tea, relax and finally get to that book you haven’t had time for. We recommend the Silent Patient and Blood Orange if you're looking for new crime/ psychological thriller reads.

7. Series-ly? If ever there was a time to binge a new series, the time is now! has some cool options to pick from, if you don’t know what you want to watch. We recommend Younger, The Good Place, Jane the Virgin and Grace and Frankie.

8. Get crafty. Experiment with a new hobby, or return to a long lost one. 

9. Sort out your photos on your phone, let’s be honest, they’re probably a mess! Create albums and delete clutter.

10. Let it grow! If your feeling cooped up at home then catch some sunny rays while you either tend to or begin a garden. If you’re in an apartment with no garden then there is always the option of a small kitchen herb garden.

11. Light a candle/ burn incense. Setting intentional spaces will help with your focus and of course calm anxiety.

12. Chef-tastic! Learn to bake or cook something new and fun. We have a great recipe for a vegetable curry (it's vegan too!). We like to swap the couscous for basmati rice to make it a bit heartier. Find it here

13. Board games! To make things better, Rummikub has an app so you can play against family and friends while self-isolating.

    14. D.I.Y. Fix that squeaky drawer or hang-up that picture you just haven’t gotten around to. Now is the time to give your home a little TLC.

    15. You’d better work, work. If you are required to work from home, create a schedule and try to stick to it, but take breaks when you need them.

    16. Take your vitamins (because being healthy is fun!)

    17. Call/Facetime your friends and family.

    18. Online shopping! According to the World Health Organisation, online shopping is A-Okay, your packages get screened and travel for such a long time that the virus doesn’t have a chance to survive.

    19. Check-in with your loved ones.

    20. Bake! Bake! Bake! We tried and tested this incredible recipe for a carrot cake and it's got that yummy yummy. Tried it for yourself here

    So there you have it! 20 fun boredom-bashing activities to try out during the Lockdown. While our country undergoes this serious and scary time, it is important to remain positive and smart. If you do that, then the virus will pose a lesser threat and we can potentially delay it until there is a vaccine created to battle it. If you have any other fun ideas that we left out, leave us a comment below.


    Stay safe and wash your hands!

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