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6 Fashion Tips to Ace a Job Interview

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Posted on May 23 2019

6 Fashion Tips to Ace a Job Interview


Congratulations you did it! You got an interview at your dream job! Now all you have to do is primp, prep and power-pose. Leave the outfit to us.

When getting ready for a job interview it’s very important to consider your outfit. Too much could come across as over-confident or “not-a-great-fit.” Too little could come across as sloppy and uninterested. We’re here to help you strike that balance while looking fantastic the entire time.  

  1. Colour me in!

When dressing to impress avoid wearing too many loud and bright colours at the same time. Rather stick to one pop of colour combined with neutral power colours like navy blue, black, white and grey. For example you could combine the BLVD Silky Pink Leopard Skirt (R499.00) with a plain black BLVD Black Turtleneck Bodysuit (R499.00.) Add some black boots and a nice coat and BOOM you’ve got a bold and powerfully stylish interview option.


  1. Totally in stock:

When wearing skirts or dresses to an interview always remember to pair them with black or nude stockings. Why? Not only do stockings or hosiery add a professional touch to any outfit, they also might be part of a compulsory dress code at your company to be. So, rather safe than sorry right? Besides stockings add an extra something to any outfit!

  1. Add another coat please!

There is always one clothing item that can turn any outfit into a professional interview ensemble: a great coat. Trench coats and blazers are favoured here. Imagine it now: the BLVD Oh So Silky Dress in Rust (R629.00) with the BLVD White V Cardigan (R499.00) underneath, paired with a black trench coat, stockings and boots. Can you say: you’re hired? 

  1. Mean Jean Machine:

At your interview you should never wear jeans. Jeans are for trips to the mall and casual Friday’s not for your first professional impression. If you’re not a fan of black slacks or dresses, then why not try out a pair of stylish pants like the BLVD Caicos Linen Pants in Brown Khaki (R479.00), which can be paired beautifully with the BLVD Restock Rust Cardigan (R449.00) for a fun dash of colour. Skirts can also be a good alternative to opt for instead of your go-to jeans, pair it with a cute caridgan or knit and you're good to go.



  1. Off to Grandmother’s house:

The best indicator of an appropriate outfit to wear to an interview is as follows: Would you wear it to your Grandmother’s house? Would you feel comfortable, classy and collected in the outfit or would you keep tugging on the hem to pull it up higher on your chest or lower down on your thighs? If the answer is the former then you’re set! If it’s the latter then you may want to rethink your choice.  You want to come across as intelligent, well dressed and professionally appropriate-your outfit should reflect this. Remember: it’s always better to overdress than underdress in a situation like this.

  1. Made up and ready to go:

Your make up on the day should be classic and softer than a night look but a little bit darker than your average day look. A lot of websites might suggest avoiding a bold lip, but personally, I’ve been hired from every interview I’ve worn red lipstick to. Maybe it’s my lucky charm? Maybe it instils confidence and makes me memorable? Either way, whenever I have to tackle something big, I always wear my red lipstick. So if you have a lipstick colour that makes you feel fierce and fantastic (and that doesn’t clash with your outfit) put it on with pride and rock the socks off of that interview.

Now with your outfit sorted, all you have to do is research the company and position you’re being interviewed for and make sure you know exactly where you’re going to be and then you’re set! On the day remember to take a deep breath and strut in with confidence. You’ve got this! You can do this and you look fantastic while it’s happening!


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