7 Warm Winter Activities

7 Warm Winter Activities

Winter is here! As South Africans we tend to get a mild case of cabin fever during the frosty season because we’re so used to the sun and it’s shine. So if you find yourself wanting to try out something new (you know besides making endless cups of tea and trying to put on as many socks as you can) then why not try out these fun winter activities?

  1. A Whole New World:

Try something new! A fresh season means a fresh opportunity to do something different. Whether its visiting a museum/ gallery or finally giving that cool indoor hobby a try-this winter aim to be bold and try something original and exciting!

  1. Hike it up:

Winter is the greatest time to hike. You wont melt like an ice cream in the sun, the crisp air is good for your lungs and it keeps you busy and moving during a season where you’d rather skip work and sleep in. The beauty of our country is that we have fantastic hiking trails in every Province (yep, we’re that lucky.) So hop onto Google and find the closest (and safest) hiking trail for you, what are you waiting for? Happy trekking.

  1. Burning up!

Not just a catchy retro Jo-Bros song, it’s also a cool solo or group activity. We’re talking about lighting up a fire. If you’re by yourself; I suggest a fireplace, hot cocoa and a great book! If you’re with your squad then light up big bonfire outside. Imagine it now: crackling flames, great company and bonus: you can roast marshmallows!

  1. Did somebody say Spa?

Winter is the perfect reason for a spa day. The cold air-dries out your skin…so you’ll need a facial (obviously!) and you don’t really need to find an excuse for a deep tissue massage. Check online for any great spa day specials and be sure to get a mani too! We call that a win-win. 

  1. Skating on thick ice!

In South Africa we don’t have snow only frostbite and a chilly nip in the wind. If you’re longing for a snowy winter experience then it’s time to skate up. By skate up I mean head to your nearest ice rink. Learn to twirl, skate backwards and conquer the rink whilst living out your winter wonderland fantasies.

  1. Movie! Movie! Movie!

What’s a winter activity list without a movie marathon on it? All you need is a cozy spot, a snuggly blanket, hot tea, popcorn and a great rom-com, and boom; you have yourself an A+ movie marathon. Psst to up the ante why not invite some girlfriends to your movie marathon and upgrade this shindig to a slumber party? 

  1. B.Y.O.B.G.

While the weather outside is frightful and my dear you’re so delightful…I think you know where this is going? Board Games Night! Invite some friends over for a super fun event-filled night where everybody brings their own board game (just not Monopoly-I hear that causes many weird fights.) Have fun learning new games with your closest mates. Chuck in some nachos and hot chocolate and you have yourself a party!

These fun activities should keep you busy (and more importantly warm) this winter season, so pop on the kettle, make your winter ‘to-do’ list and have a fantastic frosty time! Do you have any other cool winter ideas? Leave us a comment below with your fave icy activities.


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