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Booby Tape Brown

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From the original BOOBY TAPE


Booby Tape roll is 5m. If you have a larger breast you will require more Booby Tape to hold your breasts in the desired position. For smaller breasts, or breasts wanting to create cleavage, you may find that you require less tape than a larger busted lady.

(On average you may get 5 to 15 applications of Booby tape depending on breast size.)

Can I reuse the tape?

No, once the tape is peeled off, it will lose a lot of its stickiness. This also goes for when applying - make sure the tape is in it's desired position before applying as once you try and correct the placement, it will lose its effective stickiness.

Do I need to prep my skin before use?

We recommend that there are no moisturisers or any products on the skin before applying booby tape.

Is Booby Tape Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Booby Tape is hypoallergenic. There is no latex or zinc oxide in Booby Tape. Booby Tape is made from a combination of cotton and nylon and the adhesive is acrylic. We recommend anyone who has a history of skin irritation with tape to try a test patch. To do this apply a small piece of tape to an area of skin near where you wish to apply the tape. Leave for 24 hours to ensure there is no reaction. 

Are there any refunds on Booby Tape/Nipple covers?

Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns/refunds.

Are nipple covers essential?

We recommend using nipple covers before applying Booby Tape as an extra precaution to sensitive nipples.

Is Booby Tape waterproof?

Yes, but make sure your skin is completely dry before application.

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